The online register for rail vehicle construction

  • 13.01. - 17.01.2025 ECWRV Auditor Qualification

    The course is conducted as a web seminar: content , registration

Point of contact since 2003

The online register EN 15085 was developed as a central tool for quality assurance in the certification of welding companies in rail vehicle construction for the national safety authorities, the manufacturer certification bodies, the rail vehicle industry and the railway companies. The EN 15085 online register contains all certificates from recognized welding companies that have been issued by an accredited manufacturer certification body recognized by the ECWRV (European Committee for Welding of Railway Vehicles). The special extensions acc. to DIN 27201-6 (maintenance), acc. to DIN 27201-10 (thermal spraying), section RID (tanks) are part of the package.

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